ADRIA VI (Hadrian Dedel, according to other sources Floriszoon, from Utrecht), the last pope not Italian (1459-1523). He was the son of a craftsman. He was educated in Louvain University, and soon acquired the name in the church of science.

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In his writings, he was a typical representative of the scholastic direction, totally alien to the humanistic aspirations and wrote mainly on dogma and canon law, not wanting any kind of innovation was in the church's teachings and seeking to restore the purity throughout the medieval order. He was a professor and then rector of the University of Louvain. Among his pupils belonged to Erasmus. In 1507 Emperor Maximilian appointed him tutor of the future Charles V. AA was somewhat pedantic and failed to instill in his student love for science, although retained an influence on him until the end of his life. In 1515 he was sent to Spain with the request to provide for his pupil inherit the Spanish throne, brilliantly accomplished the task and made friends with the most outstanding representatives of the Spanish Church views on the need for some change in the sense of destruction and rising gross abuses of monastic discipline and moral level of the clergy. In 1516 he was appointed bishop Tortozy, in 1517 - a cardinal in 1518 - the Grand Inquisitor in Spain. During the absence of Charles, he managed to Spain first, along with Cardinal Jimenez, then one. Rigidities of the new government led a strong rebellion kommunerosov (1520), which was suppressed with great difficulty. Meanwhile, died Pope Leo X. Conclave long could not agree in choosing his successor. Then supporters of church reform Cardinals Carvajal, Egidio and Viau present the candidacy of Alexander and he was elected pope on Jan. 9, 1522. Charles V was pleased with his election. It was greeted with sympathy and public opinion; Erasmus welcomed the new pope, hoping to prevent a split and a speedy reform of the church. A., indeed, was inspired with the best intentions. He led a very frugal life, destroyed the luxury that reigned at the court of Leo X, reduced the salaries of the Cardinals. Are hostile to humanity, he stopped paying wages court poets and artists and showed an aversion to the "pagan idols, which was decorated with the Vatican. This aroused ridicule Roman society, accustomed to another like. When Alexander started to reform the institution of indulgences, restricted the right to prohibit marriage, annul dealt Leo X ekspektantsii and began to simplify the financial and judicial organization of the Curia, it elicited passionate opposition to the Roman clergy, to break that AA was not able to. He wanted to bring to Rome the best forces of theological science, to make it the center of the church reform movement, and sent for Erasmus. But Erasmus rejected his offer because, even though my father wanted to reform and did not give even the idea to convene an ecumenical council, but at the same time wanted to suppress the Reform Movement in Germany by force, to which Erasmus was not sympathetic. In relation to the preaching of Luther A. took the most hostile situation, even during the Worms Diet tried to recover against Charles V, and now demanded the steady execution of the Edict of Worms. To this end he sent to the Diet of German princes in Nuremberg nuncio Keregato. True to his views that he expressed while still a professor at Louvain, he denied the infallibility of the papal curia, and openly confessed all sins and evils of the Roman Church. Promising corresponding reforms he demanded at the same time, the punishment of Luther and his followers. Parliament he refused and the requirement to convene an ecumenical council. No more fortunate and was a foreign policy of the AV on the throne, he dreamed of the reconciliation of all Christian rulers and the organization of a general crusade against the Turks. While the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquered Rhodes, A. appealed against the Turks all the sovereigns, but none of whom received no reply, and eventually he was forced to enter into an alliance with Charles V against Francis I. Defeated by their failures, A. died without spending daddy full two years and demonstrated that a split in the church is inevitable and that the time for the revival of Catholicism has not yet arrived.

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